Monthly Archives: January 2010

Scotland on Screen

Our topic for the coming term is The Very Important Bear.  We will be studying aspects of films and cinema throughout this topic as well as creating our own movies using Windows Moviemaker.

A new site I have come across as part of planning this is Scotland on Screen. This has loads of Scottish Archive footage in it from the Scottish Screen Archive. All of these are freely downloadable and can be freely edited using software such as Moviemaker or iMovie.

The feature resources page has links to footage and ideas for its use in the classroom. The footage accessed from here is thematically linked (childhood, for example) and has ideas for key questions to discuss whilst using the footage.

If you are a teacher in Scotland you can use your GLOW login to access the archive, if  you are not on GLOW yet you can still login and use the materials, but I think you have to register first.

Media Education

With the idea of product placement being in the news at the moment I was very interested to find the digital adwise series of lessons on the media smart site.

The lessons use ICT to provoke discussion with the children about the occurence of adverts in our everyday world. There are some interactive games and some ideas to use on the IWB and discuss with the class.

The company who produce the series are called media smart and aim to “teach children to think critically about advertising in the context of their daily lives.”

However, on the supporters page, Kellogs, McDonald’s, Mars and Mattel are listed as supporters. Maybe this page could be a launch pad for further discussion with older children!

The debate about product placement can be followed through media Guardian and listened to here. There is also an amusing piece from the commentisfree site by Rebecca Front, who will be well known to viewers of The Thick of it.