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Keeping Connected

Whilst off school recovering from a headache-y, nausea bug, I noticed a tweet from Tom Barrett about an event with northantsblt.

This event was hashtagged (meaning it was easy to find all the tweets in one place) #northantsblt. I used hootsuite to open up a stream for that hashtag and then dipped into the tweets from under my blanket during the day.

I found it a really good read and wanted to keep some of the tweets for further reading and reference.

I remembered storify. I’ve only really dabbled with that piece of software, but I have selected many of the tweets from the day and published them in a storify document, which I have then embedded below.

A simple and good use of blanket time I felt…and even better than Jeremy Kyle Under the Hammer!

Northants BLT 20/11/12

Tweets using hashtag Northantsblt

Storified by Robert Drummond · Tue, Nov 20 2012 09:06:25

#NorthantsBLT Learning tree – interactive display where a new leaf appears for every thing that they’ve learnedEwan McIntosh
#NorthantsBLT Online bulletin boards for questions – question boardsEwan McIntosh
#NorthantsBLT Exit pass – show me on a post-it what you’ve learned before you goEwan McIntosh
#NorthantsBLT Blogging – for comments that document the learning journeyEwan McIntosh
#NorthantsBLT Learning tags – adding keywords at top of work – metacognitionEwan McIntosh
#NorthantsBLT Snowballing – group of kids at table develop ideas, screw up ideas, throw to table, next group have to build on itEwan McIntosh
#NorthantsBLT Window shopping – stealing ideas from fellow students. Browsing the learningEwan McIntosh
#NorthantsBLT Babblegabble: children build on each other’s ideasEwan McIntosh
What can’t we do without…? #NorthantsBLT Evans
What do we need to control?…really? @ewanmcintosh #NorthantsBLT Evans
If you can draw it, you can share it, you can learn from it…eliminating ‘death by powerpoint’ @ewanmcintosh #NorthantsBLTAndrew Evans
#NorthantsBLT it is about developing your learning culture. How much time do we spend on developing this culture in our schools?Leigh Wolmarans
@johnpopham Kids think YouTube is a real website. They think school websites aren’t. #NorthantsBLTEwan McIntosh
#NorthantsBLT we need to stop teaching so children can really learn!Leigh Wolmarans
How can we use technology to help make the messiness of thinking more visible. #northantsbltHelen Caldwell
Spoon feeding is for babies! #northantsbltKevin Hewitson
Lots of Juicy questions explored in kids TED talks- finding things that matter to them, empathy to engage.#NorthantsBLTStacey
Sunderland kids TEDx talks / #northantsbltHelen Caldwell
Chn to have and IDENTIFY their own STAR moment in their learning- Something they’ll always remember. #NorthantsBLTStacey
Get children to plan a STAR moment when planning writing… ‘Something They’ll Always Remember’.#NorthantsBLTTom Rees
Applying story structures and drawing inspiration from video games to develop talk. #northantsbltHelen Caldwell
Love this clip we have been introduced to by @ewanmcintosh… Rees
Choice, collaborate, challenge, responsibility, respect, real things 3Cs and 3Rs of learning. #northantsbltHelen Caldwell
Difference between Ilearning about Newton and thinking like Newton: Visible learning. #NorthantsBLTHelen Caldwell
Do we want children to learn about someone, or do we want them to think like someone? @ewanmcintosh #NorthantsBLTAndrew Evans
#NorthantsBLT remember it is not about the technology you have but how it is effectively used.Leigh Wolmarans
Ideas are not logical…they don’t go a, b, c, d @ewanmcintosh #NorthantsBLTAndrew Evans
RT @JugieK: #northantsblt check out GuardianEyewitness app for amazing daily photos from around the world. Screen shot to use photos in presentations.Ewan McIntosh


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