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Why I Teach.

This post it a response to Claire Lotriet’s post, which you can read here. We’ve started back in Scotland¬† already, but having read Claire’s post I knew I wanted to respond and have my response on my blog.


Why do I teach?

I teach because I want to make a difference to young lives, to provide children with some skills and attitudes for their whole lives.

I want children to have the confidence to be themselves, I want them to be able to work out or find out what it is they need, to do what it is they need to do. I want children to be open to new experiences and not just follow a crowd…unless that crowd is going where they really want to go.

What do I believe?

I believe if you want to, then you can. I’m no musician, but I’ve got a BEd degree in it through hard work and hours spent practicing. If I can, anyone can, and our children certainly can and I believe as a teacher I need to instil this core belief in all the young people I meet in a school day.


Claire would be delighted if you added your ‘Why I teach’ to her comments.