Time-Lapse Photography

A site I have used for around 7 years is this one, Plants-in-Motion. The site has many examples of time-lapse photography of plants, seeds and seedlings on it. I’ve found it useful for showing children in a short space of time scientific processes which take a long time (and often cannot be seen by the naked eye anyway). It has certainly helped children to understand some concepts which can seem quite abstract and hard to grasp.

My classes have always enjoyed looking at the footage, and my use of the site shows how far ICT in schools has come. Initially we were all looking at it around a monitor, having to download the movie first so it would work. Then it became a whiteboard projector showing it to the class. Now our ICT education of children has led to the point where children can embed the footage into presentations of their own. A further step for a class could be to use a webcam and a stop motion animation program to create their own plant life movies using modelling materials.

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