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Online quiz making program – ProProfs.

I was teaching a lesson on Lent to my class, and was looking for an approach which I thought would motivate the class. I’m a bit of a fan of quizzes and thought the children might like to create their own quiz/comprehension activity based around a non-fiction text about Lent.

I created a text using simple wikipedia and then discussed the idea of making a multiple choice quiz. We also discussed making  all of the answer choices plausible, so as to make the quiz that bit trickier.

Part way through the session I decided that it would be great to type up the quiz onto the class blog page, that idea developed into the more interactive idea of creating an online quiz and then embedding it into the page. A quick search on google led me to the ProProfs site.

Once on there I signed up (for free) and had a quick play with the software. It was very easy to use, so I shared the site with the class on the whiteboard and we set about creating our online quiz.

ProProfs has quite a range of styles for your quizzes as well as a range of endings to the quiz. These include creating a certificate for each entrant in the quiz.

The possibilities seem great. As well as using it with children creating quizzes for the blog, they could create one for their parents, they can embed them easily in a wide range of sites, as well as teachers being able to create them as a fun way to assess children’s learning.

My class certainly enjoyed making the quiz and entering up the questions onto the program and then seeing the results live, on the web, in a matter of minutes.

Have a look at the quiz so far here.

The Whiteboard Blog

The whiteboard blog is a blog I’ve been following for about 7 months. It has introduced me to loads of free software to use in class with my children and also posts great videos and images to show on the interactive white board.

It’s creator is Danny Nicholson who is also on twitter @dannynic.

The link for the blog is http://www.whiteboardblog.co.uk/ It’s well worth scrolling through and picking up ideas.

A couple of the favourites my class enjoy working on are flockdraw – a collaborative art program, and quizbusters – a program based on the old favourite TV show Blockbusters

Links for those are http://flockdraw.com/ and http://www.teachers-direct.co.uk/resources/quiz-busters/index.aspx are the links for flockdraw and quizbusters respectively.

‘Tis the season…

We’ve only got three more teaching days to go until we break up for Christmas, so we’re beginning to ease up a little. I enjoy finding puzzles and quizzes for my class to do in the run up to an end of term, so I’ve got a few websites with quizzes on to share today.

http://kids.niehs.nih.gov/braint.htm has lots of quizzes, puzzles and paradoxes on it (although some have a U.S. bias as the site is from the States.)

http://www.internet4classrooms.com/brain_teasers.htm has links to many other puzzle and brainteaser pages on it.

http://www.brainbashers.com/ has hundreds of puzzles (including new ones daily) on it. There are many visual puzzles on this site.

http://brainden.com/ is another site with interesting puzzles on it.

And finally for now http://www.sporcle.com/ is very enjoyable as a whole class activity at the end of the day.The quizzes on this site are list quizzes (e.g. name all the countries of Europe in 5 minutes). The children may not get to the end of the puzzle but they are very ‘open’ quizzes for everyone to play their part in. This site is based in the US and members submit quizzes (sadly a few are of an inappropriate nature for the classroom) so it is IMPERATIVE¬† that you find the quiz (or quizzes) you want on the site and put those quizzes onto the whiteboard for use in the class, rather than browse the quizzes with your class watching you! – Take a look and see for yourself what I mean.

Hope you find some of these links useful.