2011-2012 School Year

Next school year, which begins in August in Scotland, will be a very exciting one for me.

I will be teaching IT and some Games Based Learning across the school as the McCrone cover teacher. This is something I am really excited about. I have spent some time in school organising the new classroom/IT room and I am beginning to get stuck into some planning (bit scary when thinking about P1 as I’ve never taught that age range before).

I spent today printing and mounting a range of posters about ICT, these came from two sources, Simon Haughton’s blog and Teach-ICT.com The posters inform and explain a range of key IT skills and techniques, and I found a range which would be suitable for all of the ages I will be teaching.

I particularly like the keyboard shortcuts display, as I think this is an area all of our children could develop.

Once the displays are up, I shall photograph them and share them here. 


Remington Rand Computer :

Consolidated/Convair Aircraft Factory San Diego EquipmentSan Diego Air & Space Museum Archive

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